Profile One: Yasmeen K Year 10

Yasmeen is currently developing her unique drawing style focusing on the theme of Portraiture.  Yasmeen is motivated by the world around her and uses society as a whole as artist inspiration in the development of work.  Yasmeen aims to extend her ability further in Year 10 & 11 in creative subjects. Yasmeen’s expressionistic drawing style depicts a spontaneous and unrestricted approach which involves energetic and gestural lines. Within Yasmeen’s folio she employs a range of drawing materials and techniques in the production of her distinctive artistic style and processes. We wish Yasmeen well with her artistic and creative journey ahead.


Profile Two: Nicole R and Sabrina P Year 12

Nicole and Sabrina are both currently developing their distinctive drawing styles focusing on the theme of Sea-Life and Nature, and each producing large scale Relief Prints as part of their final work. Nicole is motivated by the sea, and has developed related imagery in the development of folio work, whereas Sabrina has been inspired by nature, in particular animals. Each student has produced an exceptional folio of work during Semester One and are currently in the process of developing a number of interesting final pieces relating to their chosen theme. We wish both Nicole and Sabrina well.

Profile Three: Loretta A Year 12

Loretta, an inspiring artist, has focused her folio work on the theme of Anatomy focusing on Muscle Structure. According to Loretta “I aspire to bring the internal body to ‘life’ through my art work, allowing the viewer to consider what is below the skin”. Loretta’s choice to explore ‘the internal body’ as a folio theme was influenced by the art style of expressionism and her unique and creative style.

Within Studio Arts, Loretta also explored sculpture to develop art work. To undertake this direction Loretta decided to explore the human hand in different positions. We congratulate Loretta on her artistic achievements in 2015 and wish her well with her creative journey.

Profile Four: Alannah M Year 10 (Artist Statement)

During the first week of the Term 3 school holidays (21/09/2015-25/09/2015) I did work experience with Stuart McEvory, a photographer for 'The Australian' newspaper. During this week I was able to tag along with Stuart during each of his assigned jobs. On the first day he didn't get assigned any jobs so he taught me about how to use my camera. I learnt more about shutterspeed, aperture and ISO which I have been learning about in Photography class with Miss Sid and how they work together to create a photo. While practicing these skills I was allowed to use the different lenses and lights they had at the office with my own camera.

During this week I had the opportunity to take photos of the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull while he was at Melbourne Eastern Community Legal Service at Box Hill introducing a package for women who are victims of domestic violence. I also had the opportunity to take photos of Bill Shorten while he was at Victoria University introducing an idea to make Further Education more affordable. Towards the beginning of the week I went with Stuart to a job taking photos of a Syrian refugee family; I didn't take any photos during that job but it was interesting hearing their story about why they came to Australia. On the last day of my work experience we went to Bendigo to take photos of a woman who is campaigning for a mosque to be allowed in Bendigo.

Doing work experience with Stuart was a great opportunity. I learnt so much about Photography and now have an idea about what being a Photographer involves.